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“I’ve tried several creativity assessments and I’m glad – at long last – to find something that seems ideal and resonates with my audience.”

Dale Fodness, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Management
University of Dallas


Innovation Styles is a web-based assessment, feedback, and coaching system designed to boost creativity and innovation for individuals, teams, and organizations.


Innovation Styles is a well-tested approach to help you:

  • Discover your own unique creativity
  • Discover how to develop innovative solutions to practical challenges
  • Foster high levels of innovative teamwork
  • Develop an organization-wide culture for innovation

Assessment, feedback, and coaching

The “Innovation Styles Profile” is a personal self-assessment that reveals the style preferences and tendencies of you and those you work with. It comes complete with personalized feedback and coaching to enhance your own creativity and to develop the versatility you need to bring out the innovative best in others.

Unique System

The Innovation Styles system combines several features:

  • Complete web-based services, from taking the survey to administering multiple groups
  • In-depth, tailored feedback for individual use or workshops
  • Introduction of creative thinking techniques
  • Focused on innovative thinking strategies that enhance each stage of any innovation or organization process

Multiple Editions

The Innovation Styles systems provides custom features that can boost your creativity and innovativeness if you are…

  • an individual who wants to optimize your innovative potential
  • a team or group ready to take their innovative skills to a new level and apply them to practical challenges
  • an organization leader committed to building a wide-spread culture for innovation

This download includes:

  • A 28-page brochure which explains the Innovation Styles model, describes in depth the four Innovation Styles, and suggests practical applications for individuals, groups and organizations.
  • A sample Innovation Styles profile report, including a 2-page summary and a 14-page in-depth booklet.

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